Executive Leadership Masterclass

The Executive Leadership Masterclass offered by Professor Pikay Richardson provides senior managers and directors with an up-to-date perspective on their roles. It equips them with frameworks to enhance their leadership skills for long-term corporate growth and success. The course emphasizes the importance of staying informed about the changing socio-economic environment, leveraging opportunities, and mitigating threats.
Enhanced productivity in the workplace relies on management competence, aligned strategic intent, and effective resource utilization. Senior managers must sharpen their leadership skills to lead their organizations toward survival, growth, and profitability. Many successful companies have faltered due to management’s inability to navigate changing environments, determine appropriate corporate directions, and execute effective strategies.
In today’s dynamic business landscape characterized by rapid change, risk, and uncertainty, senior managers face challenges such as uncertain economic futures, competition from new sources, stakeholder demands, and margin pressures. The financial crisis of 2008 further intensified these pressures, especially in the banking sector. Consequently, equipping top bank executives with skills to adapt to these dynamics is crucial.

Professor Pikay Richardson BSc, MSc, PhD (Bus. Admin)

1. Increase retention of quality employees through leadership capacity that develops and uses talent effectively.
2. Enhance ability to respond to rapid shifts in the environment through leaders who understand how to manage change and respond resistance.
3. Positively impact both organisational culture and the bottom line.

Our Executive Leadership Masterclass training course/programme/workshop, is designed to meet the needs of senior managers and directors (Top Management).Emphasizing the common issues facing all top management, the course enhances the skills of participants to make them effective in their strive to achieve corporate survival and profitable growth in a highly competitive global environment.


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