Agile Training is based on proven fundamentals within DSDM Atern, but has been revised to cover all projects, including software. The new certification provides the ability to deliver Agile Projects in organizations requiring standards, consistency and visibility around Project Management. Agile enables fast pace, change and empowerment. Agile training will teach you how to lay the foundations to manage your successful projects. You will learn how to clarify the different management styles needed for successful Agile Projects compared to traditional projects.

Agile Project Management Foundation Course

Sterling has a public schedule of Agile Foundation courses. Feedback from delegates shows that Sterling has some of the best classroom training in the industry, providing face-to-face instruction with tutors that have years of experience in both training and the fields they are teaching. Agile Foundation provides you with the basic fundamentals to approach a project in an Agile fashion. Agile Project Management can be used for all projects, not just IT.

You should attend if you are involved in projects with a need for a formal qualification at Foundation level. At least 20 hours pre-course preparation is required. You will sit the 40 minute, multiple-choice exam on the third day. Agile Foundation PM is ran in conjunction with Cupe International Limited (UK).

By the end of this course Participants will be able to:
  • Understand how Agile Project Management projects are delivered to time, cost & quality

  • Understand when and why to select Agile Project Management

  • Plan and organise Agile Project Management projects

  • Successfully complete a project using the required Agile Life-cycle, Processes, Roles, Management Products and Practices/Techniques

  • Take the Agile Project management Foundation Exam.

Subjects Covered
  • This three day course is designed to maximise examination success, whilst developing participants understanding of the method. There is an opportunity to apply the agile approach in the exercises provided. It considers the following syllabus areas: 

  • Introduction to Agile Project Management

  • Philosophy and Principles of Agile Project Management

  • Preparation

  • The Life-Cycle

  • Roles & Responsibilities

  • Products used in the Life-Cycle

  • Facilitated workshops and MoSCoW

  • Iterative development and Modelling

  • Time-boxing and Evolution

  • Requirements

  • Estimating and Measurement

  • Delivering Quality

  • Planning and Control

  • Project Management

  • Risk Management

  • Testing

  • Configuration

Exam format

Multiple choice format with a total of 60 questions per paper 50% of all marks required to pass (30 out of 60 available) One hour duration Closed-book – no study materials or the manual allowed during the Agile Foundation exam

This two day course is created to enable participants to grasp the essentials of Agile Project Management and provide the basis for examination success. Discussion and sharing of practical insights are very much encouraged, providing these have an important bearing on the course objectives.

Whats included:
  • Testing

  • The Agile Project Management Handbook (Manual)

  • Pre-course Study Guidance

  • Course Event Folder

  • Stationery & Sterling Bag

  • Foundation Exam

  • APMG e-Certificate

  • Refreshments during the course

  • Testing

February 2019 11th – 15th ¢3540
March 2019 25th – 29th ¢3540
April 2019 22d – 26th ¢3540